Local Assessments

Local assessments are defined as assessments created and administered by teachers and District assessment teams.  These consist of unit assessments, supplemental assessments, and high school course assessments.  They are designed to support teachers and schools in making instructional changes to ensure that all students are working to meet expectations.

  • Unit Assessments: Unit assessments are curricular assessments delivered to students to ensure they have learned the content from the previous unit.
  • Supplemental Assessments: Supplemental assessments are optional assessments for teachers to administer, and they cover a wider breadth of information taught to students.  These support teachers in making significant instructional shifts and to reteach important concepts that help students meet expectations for their grade and content.
  • High School Course Assessments: High school course assessments are delivered to high school students to gauge the extent to which they have met the standards and/or competencies of that course.


Illuminate is the District’s online assessment and data platform.  This platform houses all state assessment data, curricular data, and District and school-specific data.  This platform can also be used to administer assessments and generate reports to support teachers and schools on meeting individual student needs.

General Assessment Resources

Opting Out of Assessments

Parents who wish to excuse their student from participation in one or more of the state assessments may do so by filling out the district’s parent opt-out application.  The application is available to parents through the Parent Portal through the end of February.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the process with their school principal.


Please reach out to your school or the Family and Community helpline: 720.423.3054